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5 Lessons Work at Home Moms Need to Learn

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More people are working from home today especially parents. New challenges and problems will arise as working from home becomes more and more popular for working moms and dads. Read the five most common lessons moms learn while working from home and how you can make sure you can avoid these issues in the future.

Finding a Dedicated Home Office Space
Most homes do not have an extra room or office so homeowners will have to create one in their kitchen, bedroom or garage. Your home office space should be big enough for your computer and all the equipment you will need to work at home. Most modern computers take up less space and are similar to laptops in size so a small table will do just fine.

Creating a Quiet and Productive Environment
Everyday noises and distractions can be a major nuisance when you work at home. The best method to stop unwanted noise is to locate your office in a room or area of the house that is the quietest and far enough away from noise where you can be productive and get your work done on time.

Allocating and Distributing Your Time
Allocate and distribute your time throughout the day so you can get everything completed. Most people will have a set time that they have to work and everything else has to be done around that time. Getting enough sleep is the most important part of the day and to make sure you get the amount of rest you need, it is best to distribute the chores and errands throughout the week so you do not get too overwhelmed.

Making Time for Household Chores and Duties
Finding time to perform chores, duties and errands tie-in to allocating and distributing your time correctly. You cannot allow your house to go into disarray and errands to pile up because they will never get done. The best method is setting a time during your week for each job that needs to be completed so you can clean your home on your least busiest days and run your errands on your off days.

Remaining Active and Healthy
Remaining active and healthy is just as difficult at home as it is when working in an office. However it will be easier to stick to a diet because you are in your home near a kitchen and it will also be easier to find time to workout since you do not have to spend extra hours commuting back and forth to work every day. Your lunch can be made ahead of time for the whole week on one of your days off so you can get a quick bite to eat and also be able to monitor what you are eating so you do not eat the wrong foods every day. Exercising can be done before you start your job or before you go to bed so you will not forget.

Working from home is gaining in popularity every year as more moms and dads are working at home that ever before. Finding the time and space you need is just a matter of planning and being smarter while working from home, says Marie Surles (CEO and President of, one of the most popular online job sources for work at home job openings.)

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